Free ebook for people who develop leaders 
If you are a Learning and Development specialist, Human Resources Manager, General Manager of a business division or the Owner of a small to medium business who is responsible for developing the frontline leaders in your organisation then this ebook is designed for you.  It will show you how to increase the return on investment for your leadership development and know that the time, money and energy you are spending is going to actually get results.

"Practical Leadership Development" outlines:

  • What poor leadership is costing your organisation
  • Why a new strategy is required to develop frontline leaders
  • The 4 stage Practical Leadership Development Model
  • How to get the right balance in your strategy

Free ebook for people who lead or aspire to
If you are about to be promoted to your first leadership position, just been promoted or have been in the role for a while and want to boost their performance this ebook is for you. It will show you how to make your role more enjoyable, less stressful and give you practical tips on how to be a more effective leader.

"Flourish as a frontline leader" will outline:
  • The benefits of being a leader rather than a manager
  • Mindset shifts essential to your success
  • 5 key skills that will help you flourish

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